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due to current covid-19 travel restrictions in japan,  our standard program travel procedures are unavailable. 

once travel to japan resumes, we will be sure to update with current travel information. 




Airline Ticketing to/from Japan
Selected participants on our program need to book their own tickets and are free to choose any method of booking

due to covid-19 travel restrictions, Please note that NTA is not currently offering ticketing services for GHJ programs. updates will follow once travel resumes. 

GHJ INTERNATIONAL is proud to have a travel partnership with:





Nippon Travel Agency America provides outstanding services and specializes in low-fare tickets to Japan.
NTA can assist with travel insurance, JR Rail passes and offers emergency assistance with cancelled flights.

GHJ International recommends NTA as a trusted partner in providing airline tickets and insurance
for coming to Japan.


For all information regarding our programs please contact us directly at, NTA strictly assists with airfare ticketing and travel assistance. 

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