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Short Term Visa
Participants on our programs need comply with regulations by the Japanese government regarding the Short-Term Visa.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Visa Information click here:

1. No renumeration (you cannot receive payment for any work or services during your stay).
2. 90-day limitation. You must depart Japan within 90-days of your arrival. You should bring a copy of your
return trip itinerary.
3. Several countries, including the United States, have a Visa Exemption Agreement with Japan. If you hold a
passport from one of those countries, you will not need to apply for a visa.

Short Term Stay Visa Exemption
Click here to see a list of visa exemption countries. You will receive a card to fill out on the flight to present to the
immigration officer along with your passport and copy of return flight itinerary.

Short Term Stay Visa Application
For those with passports not accepted under the visa waiver agreement, you will need to file an application with
the Japanese consulate in your country.

GHJ International will provide the following documents to help with your application. We have never had an applicant denied
a visa for our programs.

1. Letter of Guarantee
2. Invitation Letter
3. Details of Company
4. Itinerary in Japan

Airline Ticketing to/from Japan
Selected participants on our program need to book their own tickets and are free to choose any method of booking

GHJ INTERNATIONAL is proud to have a travel partnership with:





Nippon Travel Agency America provides outstanding services and specializes in low-fare tickets to Japan.
NTA can assist with travel insurance, JR Rail passes and offers emergency assistance with cancelled flights.

GHJ International recommends NTA as a trusted partner in providing airline tickets and insurance
for coming to Japan.

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